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Hi there!

Welcome to Healing Fox!
My name is Xenia, I am a mental health professional, coach, and journalist.
​My first career was in Moscow, Russia, and now I live in the United States. I graduated from Adler University (Chicago) in 2020, and since that time I work as a bilingual parenting coach. My clients are Russian-speaking parents, mostly (but not only) immigrants, and English-speaking parents, including parents who were directed from DCFS. I am trying to provide LGBT+ friendly and gender-neutral services, being supportive, non-judging, and… curious! 

Story Territory 

Working as a journalist, I met different people, listened to their stories, and published them. I loved that feeling of diving into others’ lives and making their stories a part of History. Pretty many of that people seemed like they have nobody to talk with, and I saw they needed help but I could give them just a couple of hours of my time. This made me think about a career in psychology.


While studying, I have realized that creativity is a tremendous healing power and that storytelling literally can put you together piece by piece. Storytelling is not as easy as it might seem! Sometimes you experience a lack of words, sometimes you do not have a listener, and often you have no time... Brilliant, talented, sincere people remain unheard, even unheard by themselves. I am here to listen and support.


This website is built for communication in any possible form, and of course, I have created it according to my personal interests. The structure is easy and transparent. You might want to choose between two languages, having the absolutely same set of pages: Home, About, Services, Projects, Useful Reading, and Fox Club.  

The Home page (this one) gives you a general understanding of who am I and what’s going on. 

In About, you will see my CV, certificates, and diplomas, as well as my portfolio containing all that I have already done. 

Services will provide you orientation in services and events, with a possibility to register for or book one of them. 

Projects are the theoretical base of services. Here you can see what I use in my work, which theories, approaches, and principles are involved. Also, projects contain accomplished projects, like the School shooting project - that means, I have reached my goal and present results proudly. However, any accomplished project could be revived. 

Finally, my favorite - the Fox Club! The parts of the Club where I am the only contributor, are available for everybody. Those reflect the creative part of me :) You are welcome to read, watch, enjoy, or even buy or order something nice. There’s also a part for registered users (usually clients) where all Club members contribute - I do care about your privacy! 

A bit about social networks 

All social networks, the icons of which you see below, are somehow displayed on the site. For your convenience, I will clarify: on Facebook, there are texts and exclaimers, Instagram is for my drawings. I haven't decided what to do with Twitter yet (btw, suggestions are welcome!). Tiktok is for funny short videos, LinkedIn is for serious professional discussions (that is, almost empty). I also plan to publish on Telegram but again, I need to decide which content should be posted there.


In a word, welcome, enjoy, ask, participate - and thanks for coming!