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Online Parenting Groups

Healing Fox provides online Russian- and English-speaking parenting groups based on International Child Development Program (ICDP). The areas of focus are migration-related adaptation and the feminist approach.

Individual Parenting Coaching

In addition to ICDP groups, Fox offers individual online sessions, You can choose between 1-on-1, you & kid, and you & partner format.

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GAIN approach

GAIN is my copyright approach based on narratology, individual psychology, and art therapy. It is a 1-on-1 coaching program that will help you to put together different parts of your personality and create your unique story. We will write it together. finding new motivations, insights, and inspirations. 

All About YOUth Module

All About YOUth is a special module developed by CCWF for adolescents and their parents. All About YOUth will help you to improve your relationships with your teenager and work through your personal history of being a teenager.  

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Education by request*

Psychological / parenting education is my personal mission. I invite you to collaborate! Request information on the question of your interest in a specified or related field and get a post, a report, a presentation, or infographics made just for you! Invite your friends or followers to the discussion!

*This service is donation-based, your donation will help another parent who cannot allow paying for the program, to get an appropriate help