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Hi there!

Welcome to Healing Fox!
My name is Xenia, I am a mental health professional, coach, and journalist. 

I am Ukrainian, I was born in Donetsk region, and my family is from Poltava and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

My first career was in Moscow, Russia, and now I live in the United States. I graduated from Adler University (Chicago) in 2020, and since that time I work as a parenting coach.
My clients are Russian-speaking parents, mostly (but not only) immigrants, as well as English-speaking parents, including parents who were referred from DCFS, that is, from dysfunctional families. I really hope to get a chance to cooperate with Ukrainian-speaking clients!

I strive to provide LGBT+ friendly and gender-neutral services, and provide all my clients with unconditional support, non-judgmental, and… curious! 

Story Territory 

Working as a journalist, I met different people, listened to their stories, and published them. I loved that feeling of diving into others’ lives and making their stories a part of History. Many of those people seemed to have no one to talk to. I saw that they needed help, but I could only give them a couple of hours of my time. This made me think about a career in psychology.


While studying, I have realized that creativity is a tremendous healing power and that storytelling literally can put you together piece by piece. Storytelling is not as easy as it might seem! Sometimes you experience a lack of words, sometimes you do not have a listener, and often you have no time... Brilliant, talented, sincere people remain unheard, even unheard by themselves. I am here to listen and support.

In a word, welcome, enjoy - and thanks for coming!




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