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Hi there!

Welcome to Healing Fox!
My name is Xenia, I am a mental health professional, coach, and journalist. 

I am Ukrainian, I was born in Donetsk region, and my family is from Poltava and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

My first career was in Moscow, Russia, and now I live in the United States. I graduated from Adler University (Chicago) in 2020, and since that time I work as a parenting coach.
My clients are Russian-speaking parents, mostly (but not only) immigrants, as well as English-speaking parents, including parents who were referred from DCFS, that is, from dysfunctional families. I really hope to get a chance to cooperate with Ukrainian-speaking clients!

I strive to provide LGBT+ friendly and gender-neutral services, and provide all my clients with unconditional support, non-judgmental, and… curious! 

Story Territory 

Working as a journalist, I met different people, listened to their stories, and published them. I loved that feeling of diving into others’ lives and making their stories a part of History. Many of those people seemed to have no one to talk to. I saw that they needed help, but I could only give them a couple of hours of my time. This made me think about a career in psychology.


While studying, I have realized that creativity is a tremendous healing power and that storytelling literally can put you together piece by piece. Storytelling is not as easy as it might seem! Sometimes you experience a lack of words, sometimes you do not have a listener, and often you have no time... Brilliant, talented, sincere people remain unheard, even unheard by themselves. I am here to listen and support.


This website is made for communication in any form and of course, I created it according to my personal interests. The structure is simple and transparent. You can choose between three languages, with exactly the same set of pages: Healing Fox, Portfolio, Services, Projects, Library, Gallery, Fox Club, and Feedback.

This first page (this one) gives you a general understanding of who I am and what is going on.

In the Portfolio section, you will see my resume (in English), certificates and diplomas, as well as everything that I have done so far.

Services will tell you how I can help you. Here you can read, and sign up for a group or individual reception.

Projects are the theoretical basis of my services, and not only, because so far I have more projects than services. Here you can see what I use in my work, and what theories, approaches, and principles I share and use. Some projects are carried out in collaboration with my colleagues and like-minded people, and this is the subject of my special pride!

The Library is a feed consisting of randomly selected scientific and popular science articles (I collect them) and a broadcast of the Useful Fox Facebook page.
The Gallery is simply a place for my drawings, crafts, and everything that I do with my hands. You can buy any item on Etsy, or you can just flip through them and try to guess what the stories are behind all these things :)

Finally, my favorite is the Fox Club! This is a special place for those to whom the Fox is not only Healing but also Nice, Cute, and simply the Best :) To join the Club, you just need to register on the site, without any subscriptions, and you will get access to materials that are hidden from unregistered visitors. You will also be able to chat with other clubbers in a pleasant, friendly, and safe atmosphere.

Well, if you have questions, ideas, opinions, or anything you want to share with me - welcome to Feedback! I guess you know what to do :)


A bit about social networks 

All social networks, the icons of which you see below, are somehow displayed on the site. For your convenience, I will clarify: on Facebook, there are texts and exclaimers, Instagram is for my drawings. I haven't decided what to do with Twitter yet (btw, suggestions are welcome!). Tiktok is for funny short videos, and LinkedIn is for serious professional discussions (that is, almost empty). I also plan to publish on Telegram but again, I need to decide which content should be posted there.


In a word, welcome, enjoy, ask, participate - and thanks for coming!




Hi there!
Story Territory
A bit about networks
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