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ICDP-Online: Global Community

ICDP-Online: Global Community is a parenting program based on classic ICDP that utilizes three dialogues: emotional, comprehensive, and regulative.

It also includes:

  • Elements of art therapy

  • Narrative techniques

  • Basic concepts of social justice

  • Focus on modern leadership theory (transformational leadership)

  • Trauma-informed approach

  • Social-emotional Learning

What is ICDP?

ICDP (International Child Development Program) is a program that helps establish, correct, or improve parent-child contact.
It was created in 1985 by an international group of psychologists from Norway, Sweden, and the UK, led by psychologist Carsten Hundeide.
Today it is used in 44 countries on all continents, and approved by WHO and UNICEF.
The program's effectiveness is checked annually using standard psychological tests conducted by the facilitators during the program (at least before and after).
All facilitators are trained and certified, and work under the supervision of an accredited organization.

ICDP Online:

  • Practices individual approach - every parent will address their specific needs during the program

  • Facilitates ICDP's flexibility that allows adjusting the program for different situations.

  • Is created for the online format - tasks, lectures, and exercises are made with the understanding of the online specificity. 

  • Adjusted for immigrants' needs - addresses problems of cultural adaptation, relocation-related stress, and other issues. 

  • Uses the trauma-informed approach that helps parents to indicate and localize traumatic experiences and prevent trauma's impact on parenting processes. 

  • Works perfectly for caregivers, parents, and professionals, being science-based, multi-leveled, and is in-trend with the latest findings in parenting, social justice, and coaching techniques.

  • Is community-based and LGBT+ friendly. 


  • Parenthood strategies overview.

  • Positive reframing & principles of sensitization

  • Empathy, Physiology of empathy. Empathy, sympathy, and antipathy

  • Stress, and trauma. Eustress, distress. Trauma-informed approach. Adverse childhood experiences,

  • Trauma and playing. Gamification of parenting. Playing vs burning out

  • Immigration and cultural adaptation. Family traditions

  • Emotional dialogue. Mechanisms of approval, verbal and non-verbal

  • Emotional dialogue. Showing positive emotions and positive support

  • Acceptance, belonging, and initiation

  • Comprehensive dialogue. Meaningfulness

  • Comprehensive dialogue. Learning and drama

  • Comprehensive dialogue. Logic and creativity

  • Gender socialization and Self-identity

  • Regulational dialogue. Planning and routines

  • Regulational dialogue. Gradual support

  • Regulational dialogue. Moral rules


Xenia J. Kozlov, M.A.


Certified ICDP coach

Certified art-therapy coach

Certified theater groups leader

Specialist in Social Justice and Gender Studies

341481209_531607279127778_1634785551841395362_n (1).jpg

Samuel F. Puma Sifuentes, M.A.


Certified ICDP coach

Certified Human Rights coach

LGBT+ activist

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