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GAIN Project

GAIN - is my startup project which is aimed at increasing clients' life quality by wakening up their creativity and self-awareness in the intersection of several fields of their life - gender identity, social living, and relevant childhood experiences that form our perception in adulthood.

Combining four components - 

G - Gender Theory

A - Adlerian Philosophy

I - Inner Child concept

N - Narrative Approach - 

GAIN, in a sense, returns us to a childhood resourceful state when your openness, curiosity, and creative power didn't know any obstacles or barriers. Re-opening those will help you fill the gaps in your feeling of happiness and cheerfulness, bring you new insights and return the taste of life. Together, we will turn this experience into a meaningful narration, you will get confidence that you are the main character of the most exciting story - the story of your life. 

Gender Unicorn.JPG
GAIN is an approach that is based on narratology, individual psychology, and art therapy. 
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