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Questions & Answers

Why Fox?


Three words: curiosity, sweetness and honesty :)

What is a gender-neutral LGBT + Friendly group?


This means that I will take care of your safety regardless of Gender and sexuality - your or your child, as well as other members of the group. ...
It also means that you are the one who decides whether your parenting difficulties are gender-specific or not. And at your request, we either focus on this or skip it.

What will happen in the first session?

We will meet and discuss the safety rules in the group - and move up to the basic concepts.

What do I need to participate in a group?

An hour and a half of free time, curiosity and stable internet.

What if I miss the group?
Nothing bad will happen, parenting can be unpredictable. I will provide you with the materials as usual, if you have any questions, I will answer them privately.

Can parents of teenagers or adult children attend the group?

Need to! Parent-child relations are a non-age thing, although, of course, there is a specificity - it is difficult to take a twenty-year-old child on the pens, for example :)Moreover, at some point you can remember yourself as a child And partly understand your parents, this happened in my experience.

How many people will be in the group?

Three to six.

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